Wednesday, June 25, 2003

You can't beat a good muffin loaf

There are a few things in this life that I really enjoy. One of them is a nice steak. I love going to Macey's and picking up a pack of steaks and grilling those up with steak seasoning and my Emeril Live sauce that Frankie and Kate got for me a while back. mmmmm ... steak.

I also love a good muffin loaf. It's not a very common thing, but it's one of the vending items that Banta happens to offer. Muffin loaves and I go way back.

One time when I was high school my friend, Jason Titze, and I thought it would be funny to break into our friend's house when her and her mom weren't home. We climbed through a back window and started looking through her room. We found her journal and found a few entries that happened to talk about Jason and me. I can't remember what happened in the end - I think we ended up taking her journal and holding it for ransom - but the funny part is that we left no sign of our presence except for a single muffin loaf that we carefully placed right in the middle of her desk.

She had heard us talking about how good muffin loaves are a few weeks before that so she immediately linked the muffin loaf to us.

Those were the good days. I miss breaking into people's houses and leaving muffin loaves on their desks.

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Elizabeth said...

Why have i never read this??...hahaha good times man,