Saturday, January 21, 2006

Server Upgrades

Jason and I spent the entire weekend in LA upgrading the servers at One Wilshire. We put in a new Poweredge 6850 with 8 processors and a Powervault with 20 harddisks. It's amazing how many things can go wrong when you're doing what seems like should be a relatively simple task. It certainly would have helped had Dell shipped all of the necessary parts. We had to meet a local electrician to specially make a 200 watt plug since they told us to have the data center install a 200 watt twist outlet. Then the cord was setup to be plugged into a PDU. That added day to the trip. Then, after we got through the power issues we went to beging installing the OS and our PS2 keyboard didn't work! So we had to drive for an hour to Fryes since we were downtown to pick up a USB keyboard!

It's all going to be worth it when this thing is up (we're still working on it right now). You should have seen how fast this server installed Windows. It literally took a few minutes to go through the page that usually takes 30-45 minutes. It's 8 times faster!

While in LA, I was able to go to a few classic restaurants though. We met Tom Villante for lunch at Applepan. You sit on a bar surrounding the grill and they make these really fresh (and really good!) burgers and fries. Then for dinner we went to the Pantry for steak. Great food.

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