Monday, April 30, 2007

Mike and Suzette Wedding

Rachel's brother, Mike, was married last Friday to Suzette. The day started off at the Salt Lake City Temple. The ceremony was quite good. We had the room packed with quite large families on both sides.

We took a few photos outside of the temple and then all rushed off to a banquet room at UVSC for the luncheon. We all had a great meal and each person got to stand up and say something interesting or funny about the bride or groom.

By the time the lunch got over it was already time for the reception. We all went over to the Roney's residence. He has a really fancy backyard (as you can see in the picture above) so it was the perfect place for the reception. They had a chocolate fountain and all kinds of great treats.

All of my pictures from their wedding can be seen at:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rachel + Voyager = One Happy Rachel

Here's a picture of Rachel watching Star Trek Voyager. A few months ago she'd never even heard of it. She only knew about the original, TNG, and DSN. Then Spike started playing it twice a day and that's all she ever wants to see now.

I think it's a shame they aren't producing a new one today.

What in the possible world?

This is a picture of a funny Halloween prank someone played on Jason. He had about 20 pumpkins in his office when he came to work! We took all of the pumpkins out and put them on top of the perps car.

For some reason today I keep remembering funny things from our old office on 1200 South. There was one time when Jason, Stuart, and I were in the hallway outside my office talking for about 15 minutes and the most bazaar thing happened.

There is a vacant office between Stuart's desk and my office. We were standing just outside that vacant office's door chatting. We all agree it was about 15 minutes, but AT LEAST 5-10 minutes. Anyway, the point is that we were there for more than just a few seconds. After about 15 minutes, Dan suddenly comes walking out of the vacant office door! He'd been in there the whole time?!?!? Nobody saw him go in. Jason was so shocked and flustered that he put his hands out and was speechless for a moment. Then he blurted out, "What in the possible world?"

To this day we all still say "what in the possible world" when strange this are afoot. Dan claims he was talking on his phone but we definitely would have heard him. It's a mystery what he was doing in there.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Basement Update

The drywall is being finished today! They are sanding everything down and then putting texture on the ceiling. The finish-carpentry materials has been ordered from BMC West (base, case, doors, shelves) and will be here on Tuesday. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all of myself when this project is over!

Once the finish-carpentry is done all we have left is paint and carpet. By doing this project ourselves it looks like we're on target to save about $15k.