Monday, June 11, 2007

Just Keep Hitting 0

You know how when you call big companies they have those automated phone systems and it takes like 5 minutes to go through them? Very annoying. It's especially frustrating when the system has you type in your account # and then the first thing they ask you when a real person picks up is, of course, what is your account #?

You tell them you just entered your account # and they say that it didn't come through. Then the natural question follows, "Well then why do you have me enter it if you never even get it?"

Also, what do you do when they give you a few choices and you need to choose one in order to talk to a representative, but then none of them even apply to you?

I've found that generally all of this can be avoided by just hitting 0 (zero) over and over until a person picks up. It skips all of the menu options and just goes right to an operator. They can usually help you with everything anyway or forward you to the right department quickly if it's an issue that needs escalation. Down with automated phone systems!

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furrever said...

I'm right there with you. Here's a little website I've found to be useful: