Friday, June 22, 2007

We've had this since we were married

Yesterday I was playing Super Paper Mario (fun, fun, fun) and overheard Breno talking to Ruth in the kitchen. He was going through stuff and wanted to get rid of something.

He said, "We've had this since we were married!"

To which she replied, "One month?"

How funny! That is something that Rachel and I end up saying all of the time. But in our case we are talking about approximately four years. I loved hearing it from a newly-wed! I can't stop laughing about it.


furrever said...

Well, I guess if he was referring to a carton of milk it would make sense. :-)

James Rowell said...

I just found out that he was talking about bottled water. He likes to throw them away after one use. Ruth likes to keep them forever.

Rachel said...

Hahaha! I can totally picture that incident in my mind. :)

LittleSucker -- (James Bartlett) said...

Great post.
Lindsay and I have been saying that a LOT lately as we are trying to de-junk things before we haul everything across the country. If we have not used it for a while --->it's in the Yard Sale/DI pile.