Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Baby Pictures

Turn up the volume on your speakers and play the video above. You'll hear Joshua when he's one day old making a cute whimpering sound.

Joshua is now five days old. We broke his photos up into a few sections: Labor, First Hour of Life, Parents and Baby, Visitors, and Bringing Home Baby. These last few days have been quite a ride as we figure out how to adjust our schedule to meet feeding, alert time, and sleeping. I've gotten really good at changing diapers! I hope you enjoy these photos of Joshua.

See the photos here: http://albums.phanfare.com/3836152/2243473

Rachel and I have both noticed that our house feels so much more like a "home" now that he is here. We're so blessed.


Amanda said...

He's darling!! I'm so sad we can't be there to see him. Congratulations!!

Kelly said...

Very cute and congratulations on your addition! Enjoy the special night time hours as you'll have many opportunities to reflect on your blessings during that time. Good luck!

Nicola said...

He is sooo cute! Congratulations! He has so much hair and you both look great! Good luck with figuring everything out, that is always the fun part. I am so happy for you both and that you are already seeing the blessings they can bring in your life!

krista said...

Joshua is such a cute little baby! I love the video and the pictures are adorable! Congratulations!

James Bartlett said...

Again, CONGRATS guys!!!!!
Give us a buzz if we can help out with anything.