Friday, January 18, 2008

Take Out

We got Costa Vida Take Out for dinner today. Before we had our child, I never understood why anyone would ever get take out. You lose all of the restaurant atmosphere and by the time you get the food home it's cold. It didn't seem like there was anything fun about it and it just seemed silly to me.

Today I understood.

Joshua was sleeping and we had maybe 45 minutes before he woke up. We were both starving and really wanted Costa Vida. We couldn't risk putting him in the car seat and going to the restaurant since he might wake up while we were there. Take Out saved us. Otherwise we would have had to wait about two hours before we could eat.

Take Out makes so much sense now!

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furrever said...

This is too true. Once you have a baby, "dinner and a movie" means "take-out and Redbox". Josh is adorable. We'd love to see him (and you and Rachel) as soon as he's ready to receive visitors.