Sunday, March 23, 2008

Joshua has Impetigo

Poor, little Joshua has impetigo. It's a bacterial skin infection that is on his left cheek. It initially looked like a little red area and has started to spread onto the back of his head and his arms. Yesterday we woke up to find that he had a few yellow crusties on his cheek so we immediately took him to took him to the Pediatrician and got some antibiotics. After one day, it already seems to be healing.

Early Easter

Wow, it's Easter already. My mom told me that this is the earliest that Easter will ever been in my lifetime. The earliest that it can be is March 22. (Today is March 23).

"This is the earliest Easter in nearly a century – the last time Easter fell this early was in 1913. And no one alive today will see another Easter this early in the year. The holiday (or holy day) won't fall again on March 23 – which is the second-earliest day possible – until 2160."