Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Fool's Day

Yesterday morning when I went outside I saw a For Sale By Owner sign in the front lawn of our neighbors' house. We were sad all day that they were moving away!

That evening we went out to dinner with them and they told us that their neighbors on the other side had put it in their front lawn as an April Fool's joke! They actually even got a call from someone interested in the house.

I thought that was a clever joke.

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LittleSucker -- (James Bartlett) said...

I emailed each of our parents and all of our close neighbors on April 1st AM and told them all that we had the baby early that morning (2am). I attached a photo of a newborn baby that my classmate had sent out the week before of his new son.
Kathy and my mom-in-law were about to kill me when the realized it was all a joke.