Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My New Favorite Number...12

I thought I would announce to the world that my little chunk (and I credit his new found abilities to being such a chunk) fulfilled every mom's dream on April 27 th 2008... he slept 12 hours without a peep, at just 4 months of age mind you. To add to all of the jealousy that I know you are feeling, I myself slept a good 9 hours straight that night. I know a few moms that probably are thinking about taking a knife to my throat right now, or better yet while I'm sleeping my almost nightly 8 hours of sleep. HEHE

Did I mention that he is usually in bed by 7:30 PM and sleeps until 8:30-9:00 AM. Obviously my love of sleep is a genetically inheritable trait.

BTW, don't go calling child services on me, I really am putting Joshua to sleep on his back, he just prefers his side... and anywhere in the crib he can get to.


da linfords said...

Whoo hoo!!! Can I get a shout out for The Baby Whisperer over here? It's the book I tell ya... Congrats!!

Kelly said...

Chunky babies rock! They sleep so well. Enjoy it and I hope it lasts! About sleeping on the back/side... we had 3 tummy sleepers and no sleep problems here!

Rachel Rowell said...

I love that book. Thanks so much Brigitte!