Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Airport Security "Issue"

We went to Arizona last week to visit Joe, Lucia, and Noah. I left on Sunday and Rachel stayed until Tuesday. Since she was going to have to travel with the baby, she sent as much stuff home with me as possible. I filled up the big suitcase with 54 pounds of stuff. Apparently, the limit is 50 pounds. So the guy made me take stuff out. I opened the suitcase and the only thing that made sense for me to carry was the breast pump. It was a discrete, black case with a convenient shoulder strap. And, it weighed about 5 pounds.

That's right, so I had a single carry-on item while traveling alone; a breast pump.

To make things worse it caused a big hold-up on the security checkpoint! The guy doing the X-ray machine thought it was a bomb or something. After scanning it 3 times he wanted more information. It was very noisy so he yelled out, "Who does this belong to?" I signalled to him that it was mine. He yelled, "What is it?"

Everyone seemed to pause and look at me, awaiting my reply. "A breast pump," I muttered under my breath.

"What?" He couldn't hear me.

"A BREAST PUMP." I had to yell it out for him to hear. He looked at me funny and called over another security guard to do a more thorough check. Apparently, they don't get many single men travelling with breast pumps.

Luckily, the second security guard was a woman, so she seemed much more understanding. She opened it up and gave it a quick glance and sent me on my way. But the damage had already been done.


The Tuck Family said...

Holy Cow....funniest story ever!!!! How did Joshua do on the trip? Hope you guys had a blast...and James just admit it was for's ok we won't judge.

Too much.

; )

Kelly said...

I have to admit that I'd probably pay a load of money to see that on tape. :)

smarteze said...

Tim and I got a good laugh out of this one! Glad you wrote that one down for posterity...

Brigitte said...

That is hilarious!!! hahaha. This post should make it's way over to your list of favorites.

I too would pay a lot of money to see that on tape. Very funny.

Rachel said...

OH MY GOSH THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! I couldn't stop laughing. I can just imagine James trying to smuggle a breast pump onto the plane...poor guy. I wonder how Jesse would have handled such a situation? You are truly a trooper!

LittleSucker -- (James Bartlett) said...

Freakin' hilarious!!!! You poor soul!

furrever said...

What a great story. I could totally see that being a scene in some Ben Stiller sequel to Meet the Parents.