Monday, June 02, 2008

Pew Segregation

So, last week I went to my brother's ward for church to see their baby blessed. Because I have the attention span of a 5 year old and also because people are pretty dang interesting to look at, I found myself studying the congregation. You know how families usually have their designated benches, well, there was an elderly designated area. I'm totally serious. On one of the rows there were married elderly couples, and on the row behind them there were several, I'm assuming, widowed elderly ladies. It was hilarious.

Also, since I'm talking about designated benches, my huge family took up several benches in the middle of the chapel and right before sacrament started I noticed several people walking up to the benches we were in and staring at us with confusion. One guy literally stood there for like 5 minutes like he didn't know what to do with himself since we had stolen his seat. I could just feel their accusing stares


da linfords said...

That is hilarious! How is it that everyone seems to always sit in the same seats at church? My grandpa ALWAYS sat in the same row for like forty years. He would even ask people to get up and move if someone was in his spot. But old people can get away with things like that.

LittleSucker -- (James Bartlett) said...

Did you notice that I started out my talk (which I'm still bitter about having to do the week we move, AND the day we blessed our son AND the week after I had to speak at Stake Conference) apologizing for my family for making some feel uncomfortable that they can't sit in their designated seats this week.
We never realized how many elderly there were in that (our old) ward until we moved here to Tampa -- where there is probably only a dozen folks over the age of 60, where is used to be almost the opposite in our previous ward.

Mrs. Eliza said...

You are so funny! See, I don't know why you're worried about blogging. I love you Rachel.