Monday, July 21, 2008

Rubber Bands, Hair Ties, or Whatever Else You Want to Call Them

Guys, you can just skip over this post (well most of you at least), because you just won't get it.

There can be no true understanding of the struggle over finding the perfectly sized rubber band unless you have been through this struggle yourself. Why is it that that one more wrap around makes it too tight (or isn't feasibly possible without pulling the rubber band so tight it tears in half whipping your helpless hand before you even know what happened) and one less makes it too loose to hold your hair up? And when you think you have found the perfect sized rubber band it decides to betray you by stretching out-- thereby rendering itself utterly useless? I know, I know, I'm a little passionate about my rubber bands, (can you even use the word rubber band and passionate in the same sentence?) it's just that I can't function without them. I have them in my purse, my pocket, on my wrist. You name it. In fact, I have given many away to a helpless friend or stranger in need that was traveling ill prepared.

So...If anyone happens to know of some amazingly FABULOUS rubber bands (or whatever else you want to call them :) that stay FABULOUS for longer than several uses, let me know. Obviously, I will be very grateful!


krista said...

I totally agree! I was just at the grocery store tonight trying to find some new elastics (or hair ties) for Ava's hair and couldn't find any that looked like they would work. I got some great ones at Target a couple of months ago and will be going there tomorrow to see if I can find them. I'll let you know!

Mrs. Eliza said...

Oh I love you so much! I miss you. Just shave your head. JK please don't. You have the most beautiful hair ever!!! Don't do it.

Brigitte said...

hahaha! You are so funny. :) LOVE this post... you are getting better and better at blogging - GO YOU! So I was gonna put a link to the greatest elastic bands I've ever come across. But I was at the grocery store and just bought come for you instead. Ain't I nice? ;)

Just wait though till you have a little girl and have to hold together five thin hairs. I have to twist those suckers like twenty times to stay put!! AND deal with a squirmy little baby... it's near impossible!

Rachel Stellaaa said...

Ooh... can't wait to try them and see if they are worthy of being called elastic bands!


The Tuck Family said...

I use the scuncci (or however you spell it) ones...they do stretch but they are the only ones I have found that can hold my thick hair! So, if you find any great ones or if B's work out great let me know what they are!!! I just thought I'd always have to be stuck with sub-par elastics.