Saturday, June 07, 2008

Stolen Trash Bin

This week when the garbage truck came to get our trash, the mechanical arm of the truck that empties the contents of the bin into the back of the truck lost its grip on the bin and it fell right in! I happened to be looking out the window right as it happened and saw it fall.

The garbage truck sat there for about 5 minutes. It looked like the guy was trying to decide what to do. Then he just drove away. After about an hour he came back and sat in front of the house for another 5 minutes. Then he continued on to the neighbors on his regular route. But he never got the trash can out.

I called the city and luckily they brought out a new one within 2 days.


da linfords said...

That makes me laugh. I can't believe it fell in!!! I wonder what the guy was thinkin... I bet he would be so embarrassed to know you were watching him the whole time. HAHA.

Also - how come Rachel doesn't post anymore!??!?!? I liked reading what you (rachel) had to say. You need to post more!!

Rachel Stellaaa said...

I've actually got a list of blogs I plan on writing, I've just been working in the garden a lot lately, if you didn't notice me out there constantly. Please tell me my garden looks half decent, I'm soo nervous about that! I keep thinking... "you fool, you should have hired a professional, look what you've done!"(quotation marks because I am "speaking" this in my head :)