Monday, July 28, 2008

Fire at Bridal Veil Falls

On Saturday I drove to the bottom of the street, turned left, and saw a huge billow of smoke coming out of Provo canyon. I was so surprised how close it was to our house that I pulled over and took a picture with my phone. I heard later on the news that an old restaurant at Bridal Veil Falls burned down.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Junior Bacon Currency

Whenever I buy something, rather than thinking about how long it took me to earn the money or how much is left in my account, I usually first think about how many Junior Bacon's from Wendy's I could have bought with that money. I've done this since college when Junior Bacon's were practically my only source of food.

"Should I spend $40 on X, or would I rather have 40 Junior Bacons?"


Of course, we've wised up and practically never eat fast food anymore, but it still crosses my mind!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Rubber Bands, Hair Ties, or Whatever Else You Want to Call Them

Guys, you can just skip over this post (well most of you at least), because you just won't get it.

There can be no true understanding of the struggle over finding the perfectly sized rubber band unless you have been through this struggle yourself. Why is it that that one more wrap around makes it too tight (or isn't feasibly possible without pulling the rubber band so tight it tears in half whipping your helpless hand before you even know what happened) and one less makes it too loose to hold your hair up? And when you think you have found the perfect sized rubber band it decides to betray you by stretching out-- thereby rendering itself utterly useless? I know, I know, I'm a little passionate about my rubber bands, (can you even use the word rubber band and passionate in the same sentence?) it's just that I can't function without them. I have them in my purse, my pocket, on my wrist. You name it. In fact, I have given many away to a helpless friend or stranger in need that was traveling ill prepared.

So...If anyone happens to know of some amazingly FABULOUS rubber bands (or whatever else you want to call them :) that stay FABULOUS for longer than several uses, let me know. Obviously, I will be very grateful!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gender Confusion

Someone called Joshua a SHE the other day. I'm not offended or anything because I know there are a lot of babies out there who simply don't look extremely "girly" or "manly", but I always thought Joshua looked like an obviously MALE.

What do you think? Wait. Maybe that is a stupid question. I mean, who is really going to outright tell me "Hey, I've been meaning to tell you, your so called "boy" really looks like a girl". Then again, maybe I'll be surprised.

IF he does in fact look more female than I've always thought, (which wouldn't be too unbelievable because a mom's eyes can be deceiving) as long as he doesn't look like one of those boys who is mistaken for a girl by the time he reaches his teen years (and all I have to say to those people is I'm oh so sorry), I'm AOK.

By the way, I really like parenthesis (which you have probably figured out if you have read any of my previous blogs).

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Shoeless Wonder

Remember those nightmares you used to have in grade school and high school about being at school and suddenly realizing you don't have any clothes on or something? (for me it was usually that I had forgotten about a test or do my homework :) Well, I used to always have this dream about going to school with no shoes on. For a while in 4th grade I would obsessively double and triple check on the way to school that I did, in fact, have my shoes on.

Well yesterday my family had a picnic up the canyon and I fulfilled my childhood nightmare and totally forgot my shoes. I didn't even realize I was shoeless until I started getting out of the car and felt hard rocks on my feet. Besides the few smart remarks about my dirty feet from a few family members it really wasn't that big of a deal. I was just grateful that I wasn't at a wedding or something.

Our First Family Vacation with Joshua

We recently went to Arizona to visit my brother Joe, his wife Lucia and their baby Noah (8 months old). We had a lot of fun lounging around at the pool (it was around 115 degrees there), shopping (our malls around here are pitiful in comparison) and had a great time playing with the babies. They are only 2 months apart and had a lot of fun trying to grab each other's clothes etc. Though Joshua didn't sleep quite as good as he does at home, he was cute and happy as usual.

Joshua developed a new skill on his trip-- sitting (if only we adults got praise for such tasks). We were trying to take a picture of the three baby cousins together and I decided to see if I could get Joshua to sit long enough for the photo, and what do you know, he just sat there for several minutes all by himself. I hadn't tried to have him sit by himself for a while and had no idea he was even capable of this. He is growing up so FAST! I better start baby proofing my house.

They had this great zoo down there where you were able to be up close and personal with all the animals. It felt like you were walking around in a jungle! Joshua showed up every other baby by having 3 blow outs and ended up in a diaper and shorts since my usual 2 extra sets of clothes weren't even enough for him this time.

Joshua takes a nap after a long day at the Zoo

Dads take some time with their sons

Our Little Cuties taking some time out of their busy sleeping and eating schedule to play together

Isn't Noah a CUTIE!