Friday, July 25, 2008

Junior Bacon Currency

Whenever I buy something, rather than thinking about how long it took me to earn the money or how much is left in my account, I usually first think about how many Junior Bacon's from Wendy's I could have bought with that money. I've done this since college when Junior Bacon's were practically my only source of food.

"Should I spend $40 on X, or would I rather have 40 Junior Bacons?"


Of course, we've wised up and practically never eat fast food anymore, but it still crosses my mind!


furrever said...

Krista does this as well, only her currency is cans of Coke. Should she spend $10, or buy 20 cans of Coke.

I don't drink Coke and everything I crave is expensive (e.g. steak), so it doesn't really work so well for me.

Rachel Stellaaa said...

When Ruth and I were kids we'd do this with candy bars. BACK THEN they were about 45 cents so with tax you could get 2 for a buck. EVERYTHING up until I was like 14 was compared to the price of a candy bar.

Brigitte said...

In rememberance of your post on how guys can go weeks without toilet paper, I must say this explains a lot! I'm sure you were just thinking..

"Hmm, should I spend ten dollars on toilet paper or buy ten junior bacons? Oh, forget toilet paper!- maybe if I wait long enough Rachel will just buy me some. Boy I could sure use a junior bacon from Wendy's right now..."

haha - it's all coming together.... ;)