Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Shoeless Wonder

Remember those nightmares you used to have in grade school and high school about being at school and suddenly realizing you don't have any clothes on or something? (for me it was usually that I had forgotten about a test or do my homework :) Well, I used to always have this dream about going to school with no shoes on. For a while in 4th grade I would obsessively double and triple check on the way to school that I did, in fact, have my shoes on.

Well yesterday my family had a picnic up the canyon and I fulfilled my childhood nightmare and totally forgot my shoes. I didn't even realize I was shoeless until I started getting out of the car and felt hard rocks on my feet. Besides the few smart remarks about my dirty feet from a few family members it really wasn't that big of a deal. I was just grateful that I wasn't at a wedding or something.


Brigitte said...

That is so funny!!! I can't imagine that happening.... how the heck do you leave the house without your shoes?!?!?! What a funny story.

Rachel said...


Mrs. Eliza said...

Of course that's your fear! You never wear shoes. The second you get in the car you take your shoes off because you don't know how to drive with shoes on. :)

I may not have seen you in a while but you still are my best friend and I do know you.

Whenever I think about you, I you're not wearing shoes. :)

I love you Rachel! I can totally picture you going up the canyon with out shoes. But then again, I'm a little surprised your family teased you because some of them don't wear shoes just like you don't.

Linz said...

That is really funny!!! It must be a Bartlett thing because James did the same thing, only he showed up at BYU going to class without shoes!!! He didn't realize it until he was already in class!! He couldn't do anything about it because I dropped him off and I went to work while he went to class!!!