Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rhubarb Pie and the Works

Last Sunday James (and Joshua of course) went over to his parents' house for dinner while I worked a shift at the hospital. First off, my mother-in-law makes dinner for us pretty much every Sunday. She doesn't just throw a couple things together either. We always have amazing dinners with tons of home grown veggies and stuff. As if this isn't nice enough, when I got home from work on Sunday I not only had a huge yummy dinner waiting for me that she sent home with James, but she had also sent home an entire rhubarb pie ! Talk about an awesome mother-in-law.

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The Tuck Family said...

WOW! A whole pie! How cool is you M.I.L.?!?! We enjoy the same big family Sunday dinners, but I don't ever remember being on the receiving end of a whole pie (come on Mom step up... ;D )! We missed you Sunday, Josh sure was cute with his new clapping trick though.