Saturday, August 02, 2008

Smoking Mom = Smoking Baby

Yesterday at work a mom brought in her newborn that was having some breathing problems. When I helped her back to her room I carried her diaper bag for her and noticed there was a pack of cigarettes in it. Can you think of anything worse to put in a diaper bag, especially when you are bringing your baby to the ER for breathing problems? People sure are pathetic sometimes.


krista said...

That is so sad!! Some people are so stupid!!

Jessie said...

That makes me so sad for that baby! I get angry feelings toward parents who make stupid choices that have such a big effect on their children. The children have no say in the situation and yet they are totally the ones suffering...sad sad sad.

So, do you work in the ER? Are you a nurse? Which hospital?

The Tuck Family said...

NO WAY.....some people you wanna slap really hard right across the face. Props to you for staying professional and not handing her butt to pun intended.

; )

Rachel said...

Yeah, I see stuff like that a lot in Cincinnati--I heard from Jesse that Kentucky (just over the river from us) is a state with one of the hightest rates of smokers. It's sick. It especially sickens me to see soooo many nurses and doctors that I work with who smoke! Must be a really powerful addiction because they sure know better.