Monday, September 29, 2008

Did You Just Say Cowlick?

Joshua has one major cowlick. That's right, a cowlick. And no, I did not spell it wrong. And no, I certainly did not use the wrong word. How do I know this? I wish I could say I was smart, but I actually looked it up. Apparently I've been saying it wrong for years, because I always thought it was calic.

He also has some insanely swoopy bangs. Some of you may have thought that I have been purposely doing his hair like this in order to start preparing him for a mission at a young age, but this is not the case. I constantly try to "fix" the swoop but it just keeps going back into its favored position. It looks like a hairstyle from the 60's. Or is that the 70's? I don't know. I wasn't exactly around in either decade.


Jessie said...

Thanks for clarifying the 'cowlick' vs 'calic' issue. I will say cowlick with confidence now.

So, I love the swoopy bangs. My girls bangs go straight down into their eyes unless I put their hair up...oh yeah, and Jane has a double cowlick. That's right, two cowlicks...I don't know what I'm going to do with that when it is time to put her hair in a real ponytail.

Brigitte said...

are you sure?!?

I think calic sounds much better than cowlick. I always thought when people said cowlick they were just confused. haha. Guess I was the one confused all along!

And Joshua is so stinkin cute Rachel! That picture is prize worthy (even with swoopy bangs). haha. Looks like his 'cowlicks' compare to mine!

The Tuck Family said...

I was informed of this when I married Alma...aparently I was saying it ALL wrong too!

Oh, and I think his "bangs" are what if he looks like he's going on 50.

; D

Rachel said...

Hahaha! Maybe you could buzz his hair! That's always cute on little babies/toddlers!

furrever said...

Wow I always thought it was calic also.