Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What a Fun Week!

James had to go to Santa Monica for work the last week of August so Joshua and I decided to join him!

Considering the beach was right across the street from the hotel, it wasn't a very hard decision to make.

Each morning before James' work we'd walk along this amazing path by the beach. Though it was really nice in the mornings, we would have preferred to sleep in past 6 am if Joshua would have let us!

Joshua's playpen fit perfectly in the corner of the hotel room. Lucky for us, besides the slightly too early 6 am start, he slept pretty good here. We just darkened the room and put a blanket over the edge of pen during sleep times.

Joshua got to sit on the beach and feel sand for the first time. Though he wasn't so sure about it at first, after a few minutes he began to really like to play with the sand, and amazingly didn't try to put it in his mouth.

He also got to take a look at the ocean for the first time.

And here's daddy and Joshua on the Santa Monica Pier.


We also had a family Reunion with James' family up in Heber that weekend.

Poor little Joshua was already so tired from being in California all week.

We had tons of fun hanging out with family for a few days. Joshua spent a lot of time in his stroller looking around at all the new faces.

It was a bit chilly camping at night in the canyon. Luckily I had recently bought Joshua this warm brown suit. He had about 3 layers on while sleeping at night and I was still so worried about him getting cold.


Brigitte said...

Traveling with babies is definitely harder huh?! We've smashed the crib into places like the bathroom, the closet, and even paid extra for a room with two bedrooms! And now with two kids it just keeps getting harder. Take advantage of having one and travel travel travel!

Rachel said...

He is so cute!