Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Word Verification

Is it just me, or is the word verification sometimes impossible to read. I mean, sometimes I've had to do it over like 5 times. Talk about a hit to the self esteem. I like the concept behind it and all, but honestly, you'd think they'd make it so that a normal human being would be able to read it. Then again, maybe I need to go back to the second grade.


Mrs. Eliza said...

I hate hate hate the word verification. Mostly because when I back screen to my blog I have to hit back twice. Wow, I am lazy.

Brigitte said...

I totally agree! I hate it! Sometimes I've had to redo it three times to get it correct. Triple Ugh right there.

Oh, and btw... do you want your mail? I guess I should bring it over sometime! haha. Oops!

The Tuck Family said...

I hate the one's that kick you off their site after 3 failed tries....what do I look like a Mensa member?