Friday, October 24, 2008

Tag, You're It!

So one of my wonderful, soon to have two babies 14 months and under (yikes!), friends tagged me. Finally, some kind of recognition that I really do exist! Well, ok. So my self esteem is a bit better than that, but it still feels pretty good to be tagged for once :)

While I am one to plan way in the future for some things, I don't plan for other things at all, like things that actually really matter. Hence, the following list is a little sparse, but I tried...

In 6 months I will be:

Hopefully in France visiting family. I'll be pretty much the same but a little older.

In 1 year I will be:

Maybe pregnant. We'll see!

In 5 years I will be:

A mom of kids instead of a kid. Probably living in the same place and doing a lot of the same things. Hopefully I'll finally know a lot more of my neighbors by this time.

In 10 years I will be:

I'd like to go back to get my Masters or Doctorate, but we'll see what James says about that and how old our kids (hopefully all here) are then. Once again, probably still living where I live now and doing a lot of the same old things. But I like the "same old thing", so I'm not complaining.

I will be 70 years old on my GOLDEN Anniversary and will:

Still be laughing, joking, walking, in control of all bodily functions, and holding my sweet husband's hand each day and loving him more than I did when we got married. I'd love to have a bunch of grandkids to spoil and some great kids of my own that have grown up well and become good, temple worthy adults.

Oh, and Mecham, you're tagged.


Brigitte said...

Well since we totally plan on still living here in ten years it looks like we will be neighbors for a long time! Yea!

The Tuck Family said...

YAY you did it! Thanks for humoring my tag... :) even though it was an interesting one.

Rachel said...

HAHAHa! Rach, I just realized that you tagged me! I need to get on the ball with blogging again. I've been terrible lately. I guess I need to stop worrying about having to post our "best" pictures and just get writing. Thanks for thinking of me and I'll get writing...

Brigitte said...

So um..... are you alive? Why no posts? come to think of it I haven't seen you around lately either. Everything ok?