Sunday, November 09, 2008

From 95 to 45 degrees in a matter of hours

We just got back from Phoenix. Well, we got back last week. I would have done a post sooner, but I've been a little obsessed with a few books I'm reading. Ahh, I just love the Eragon series. I'm reading this other one that I don't really like that much, but my compulsiveness pushes me to finish reading it as stupid as that is. Anyway, so we were in Phoenix for almost 2 weeks visiting my brother and his family again. We mainly went down for my nephew Noah's 1st birthday

but decided to stay a bit longer since I wanted to get my money's worth from the plane ticket. Lucia (my SIL) and I spent a few days getting things ready for Noah's party right when I got there. Note: don't expect this awesome of a party from me for Joshua's first birthday. My mom was selfish when it came to my DNA and kept her creative gene to herself. I'm just hoping to be able to at least make a cool looking cake. Got any good ideas B?

We visited my brother almost exactly 4 months ago and took this pic of the babies

And here's one from last week. Noah is still as huge as ever. Joshua has thinned out quite a bit. His wrist rolls are fading :( The only way I can see to save them is to hold Joshua all day long so he has no chance to move around and lose more weight. Which I'm faithfully doing. Oh yeah, I guess all this holding might have something to do with him freaking out when I put him down.

I'll do a couple more posts later of the boys playing together. Oh, and here's a picture of Noah on his birthday car. Ta ta for now.

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Brigitte said...

Rachel, your kid is so frickin cute! Not only is he super chubby, which always makes for cuter babies, but he has the cutest face! True, your nephew is pretty cute too.... guess it must be good genes.

Well I'm glad you're back! Wish I could have been in the warm weather! I'm so not ready for winter. :(