Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween (lame title, but I couldn't think of anything more creative)

What do you get when you combine a 10 month old, no naps, a late bedtime, a 1.5 hour plane ride and trunk or treat?

And here's a closer look at the guy.

And now he looks like he's been out all night at a bar.
My little nephews Mario (Noah) and Luigi (Keanan) decided to join us at the trunk or treat to keep things in order. Actually, technically Keanan's dad is Joshua's cousin, but we figured we'd just call the little guys cousins for now so as not not confuse them. That's right people, Joshua is an uncle.

And here's another one of Joshua before I took him out to the bar. (Just in case you are a little slow today, I am joking. Though I'd like to mention that in some cultures they actually do put beer in babies bottles to help them sleep. There, now you have your educational lesson for today, and all while reading my blog! Don't worry, I didn't try the beer in the bottle technique either. Though, looking back, I can understand why some parents do.)


The Tuck Family said...

Mario and Luigi are hillarious! Poo is too cute and he really does look a tad bit tipsy?!? It almost looks like you drugged him with Benydryl on the plane. I sat next to a Mom who did that to her kid, she's says it's the only way she'll fly is if he's extremely drowsy. Crazy huh!?!

Rachel Stella said...

I've actually heard of a lot of people that give their kids benadryl before plane or long car rides. With really young kids it can actually make them wired instead of tired. Plus, a tired Joshua out side of his crib is a very unhappy Joshua!

Jessie said...

Happy Halloween! Joshua looks great! We love Whinnie the Pooh in our house.