Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Contemplating Coupons

I have such a love/hate relationship with coupons. I'm always collecting them because they're like free money and I feel like I can't just throw them away, but I just hate keeping track of them. I mean, maybe if there wasn't an expiration date {ugh} which requires me to constantly sift through them they might, just possible, be tolerable. Anyone else find themselves with this problem?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ok, I Admit It

Am I crazy, or have some of you done this too. Picked up your baby {which you know will most likely cause him to wake up} in the middle of the night and held him just because you are craving some cuddles from the little guy. James thinks I'm crazy to do this. But how can I not!

Monday, December 22, 2008

A time to be thankful

So I've been really busy with a bunch of random things lately. Hence the lack of blogging. Plus my blogging abilities (what little there is of them) have been a little dry lately. Anywho... here's a belated post about thanksgiving. My family got together at my house again this year and to keep up with family traditions we of course stayed up late playing wii once our stomachs were stuffed to their capacity. Don't cha like our new TV room. I go out of town for a week and look what happens while I'm gone. Kidding. He did ask. While I do think it's nice and all, I just don't get what's up with guys and their TV stuff. I would have much rather spent the money at a spa (many, many trips to the spa) or something.

I made the above cheesecake for thanksgiving dessert which was quite yummy if you don't mind me saying. Don't' worry. There's no need to get frazzled. I made some pumpkin pie too.

My brother made this wii character. Pretty freaking awesome huh?! Well, it's awesome if you have any sense of taste in movies. If you don't know what I'm talking about then I'm not even sure why you are reading my blog in the first place...

A bit random I know, but WHO did put this cup here. Sam, was it you? Come on. Fess up. It seems like something that you'd do. We do have counter space you know.

Phoenix Zoo

When we were in Arizona in November we went to the zoo again. I learned one thing here. Joshua is still too young to appreciate a nice zoo. I mean look at him. He looks bored out of his mind!

Some good did come of it though. First point of goodness. Noah learned to walk around while pushing his stroller.

Second point of goodness. Joshua got in touch with his true "boy" by becoming aquainted with a john deere tractor.

Third point of goodness. We saw a tiger climb up and down a huge tree. No joke. Look closely at the picture. Or just look down below for a closeup.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Forgetful Us

Rachel and I sure have short-term memories when it comes to some things. A great example is remembering if a prayer was said at night or at dinner. It's a very common thing to hear "Did we say the prayer?" about 30 seconds after it was said. It sure makes the person who said the prayer feel nice since their prayer was so unmemorable. :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Family Pics

We finally got some family pictures taken by my sister. Unfortunately Joshua was having a bit of a rough day (figures right?) and we weren't able to take them where we planned due to the tardy dish network guy (who was suppose to come between 8-12 and came like at 2 instead). We still got some really good ones despite the circumstances. You can look at them here and here. As always, thanks Sharon!

I didn't realize I needed to put a do not eat sign...

I'm not a fool. I knew this was possible. I guess I was just hoping he'd be able to make it through teething without realizing that he had a trusty wooden crib that felt oh so nice to sore gums. I particularly wish he hadn't figured this out in the middle of the night. Apparently he must have spent all night chewing and chewing and chewing on it because this is how we found it in the morning. Pretty ain't it? {how much did this cost again?}

So then I ordered something off line. But until it arrived I used a trusty sheet and made my own crib teether. I don't know how well it worked, but at least Joshua wouldn't be waking up with, as Alex so nicely described, "a mouth that looked like it had been in his poopy diaper". {I hope that wood finish doesn't kill too many brain cells. Best not to tell him I found him with wood finish on his mouth so I'm not the one to blame for any future problems}

And here's the new crib guard (which he is ripping off in this picture as I am trying to put it on...arg!). Of course when I put it on I realized that I should have ordered two of them because, hello, there are sides of the crib for Joshua to chew on too. That only took him about 1 nap period to realize. So, time to visit amazon.com yet again. I just love amazon. Maybe a little too much.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Obviously I did not make this...

My sister made this family Christmas "photo" out of felt. Talk about tallented (hence the title, since my artistic ability is almost nonexistent). All in all she was pretty happy with her work except that she noticed after the card was done that one of her legs was a tad fatter than the other {could this be a case of Christmas card elephantitis?} and that her 4 year old was a tad tall for her age {that is, unless she has a case of Christmas card gigantism}. But these things aren't even noticeable at all unless they are pointed out. Which I guess means they are now noticeable. Oooops.

Since she didn't feel like anything Christmas card worthy had happened this last year in her family so she decided to put down her 4 year old daughter Alex's dreams in the card (note: unless you have some freakishly awesome monitor screen that I would be totally jealous of, click on the image for a closer look at her dreams). What did I tell you. This girl has some creativity. Can you tell that Alex doesn't like robots but for some reason is fond of eye balls and spiders. Yeah, not the case with me. For some reason I get more scared of spiders by the day. I turn into a real girly girl around them which is totally and completely embarrassing but I just can't help it. Oh, and Alex also likes cats. Scary black ones in particular. At least that's what she wanted to be for Halloween....

Say Cheese!

So how many pictures does it take to get three babies to look at the camera at the same time? Obviously more than I took, and these are just the best of the bunch...

We've got Joshua looking here while Noah smiles at who knows what and Keanan decides there is something pretty cool under the table...

And now Keanan decides he'll take a look at the camera, but Joshua is checking out a little white dot on the stool and Noah can't keep his eyes open...

And now it appears that whoever was suppose to be making the babies smile is a little more interesting than the camera for Noah and Joshua, but not interesting at all to Keanan who is looking out into space...

Hmmm, let's try this again.

We've got one baby looking...

Now no babies looking...

Once again only one baby looking...

Well, I guess 2 out of 3 isn't so bad after all!