Friday, January 09, 2009

And one day later...

Good thing we've got this. It's called a snoblade (on the left side). It's seriously the coolest thing ever. When James' parents gave it to us I was like "thanks" {hmm, very interesting...} but now I'm like "THANKS" {this freak'n rocks}.

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Brigitte said...

That thing really does ROCK! I'm glad your FIL got it for you guys so I can reap the benefits as your next door neighbor. Thanks again for coming over that night to help us shovel!! That was so cool of you guys.

AND... I didn't call, but I noticed the next day that "someone" had shoveled my driveway. haha... THANK YOU! You are seriously the best neighbors ever. We love having you guys so close. We seriously need to get together asap. Especially since you guys have such great taste in games. :)