Friday, February 13, 2009

Quirk #31 : Conveyor belt organization

I always organize the things I'm buying when I put them on the conveyor belt at the grocery store. I put all the boxes together, cans together, frozen stuff together etc. What can I say, I'm an organized person (or OCD, you choose). Besides, I always figured it helped out the grocery checker. Today, for the first time, the checker commented on how organized everything was and how it helped her out so much. You know it!

Finally, some recognition of my awesomeness (or weirdness, once again you choose).

Wondering where Quirk #31 comes from? Check it out here.

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Rachel said...

It also helps you when you get home and are unloading stuff out of the bags because they are grouped and sorted together nicely! I do that too. :)

teresa said...

I totally do this too! I hate it when the cashier starts moving the belt too fast and I end up with gaps.

Cirina said...

I do this too! I think I got it from my hubby though, he did bagging at a grocery store when he was like 16 for a few months. So he got in the habit of organizing things on the conveyer belt and passed it along to me. It also makes it much easier to unload when you get home too!