Thursday, January 22, 2009

See Yah!

We've had tons of fun the last couple weeks hanging out with Noah and Lucia. The boys loved playing with each other. Lucia and I literally would sit and do a puzzle while the boys played. It was awesome! Too bad we don't live by each other or we could do this everyday. Though I guess we'd have to feed the boys every once in a while ;)

We caught them once even "reading" a book together. Too cute!

Here Joshua is showing off to Noah his art of toy playing.

Unfortunately Lucia and Noah just went back to Arizona so we won't be seeing them for a while (though I'm sure Joe will be happy to see his family again poor guy!). We'll miss you guys.

Hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss


Brigitte said...

They are both SO cute! I love that they were reading a book together. It's so fun to see your kid start to interact with other little babies.

We really need to get our little ones together during the day. Andi is so interested in Joshua! That was so cute last week in church. She was just STARING at him! haha. They would be so funny playing together. Lets do it!

Amanda said...

If my new baby looks like either of those boys, I will be happy. Seriously.

Rachel said...

They are both so cute! Toddlers now, not really babies!

Rachel Stella said...

Yikes Gammon! Don't ever call my BABY a toddler. That is a no no for at least another year :)

Rachel Stella said...

Brigitte, I don't know why we don't ever have our kids play together. Pretty stupid actually since we live next door to each other! Hey, maybe they'll end up having so much fun together we can just sit around and sip hot cocoa all day long while they play?! Give me a ring (since I can never get a hold of you!) and we'll get together.

Rhianna said...

I keep hoping that Mayah will have a little friend like this when she is old enough to realize it. I love the pictures of them together reading! How sweet!