Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Bundle Up Time

I eventually got so sick and tired of the cold, miserable weather that I decided to go on walks with Joshua anyway. Plus, doesn't he look so cute all bundled up? I'm sure there are plenty of disapproving people (especially older ones) looking at me as I walk down the street in 30 degree weather with a baby considering whether this deserves a call to child services, but oh well.

Even the rain (and rain, and more rain) in San Francisco didn't stop us. This rain cover on our new umbrella stroller (my first ebay purchase!) was amazing. We almost didn't bring the cover with us but remembered at the last minute. Good thing because without it we would have had to hang out in our hotel room the entire time. Maybe Joshua would have found enough to do there unraveling toilet paper rolls and stuff, but I'm pretty sure I would have gotten bored out of my mind.


Rachel said...

What were you doing in San Francisco? Sounds like a fun trip! Oh, and I think being Joshua in that rain covered stroller would drive me crazy! How can the boy breathe in that? ;) I think you're a good mommy for going out even when it's cold--I bed Joshua has cabin fever as much as you do!

Rachel Stella said...

James had to go to San Francisco for work and we tagged along. I'll eventually write a blog about it.

There are actually air holes in the rain cover. Some how water actually doesn't leak through them.

krista said...

Joshua looks so cute all bundled up! I think that the walks are a great idea. It just makes such a difference in my day if I get out for awhile instead of spending the whole day in the house!