Tuesday, April 14, 2009

15 months and terrified of the pediatricain

Joshua had his 15 month check up last week. Normally he's pretty happy to see new people but when the pediatrician got close to him he had a total break down. In fact, it looked like he was actually attempting to beat him up. Sad, but a bit funny at the same time. Apparently he has some not so fond memories of the doctor's office. Could it have to do with the sharp needles they often like to stab him with?

Anywho, our little boy has picked up my family's tall trait and is measuring 33.5" (97th percentile). His weight (which was in the 90's for the first 6 months of his life) has slowly been dropping percentile wise since he started moving around so much and is now at 25 lbs (62nd percentile). I'm really glad his weight slowed down because he was 18lbs at 4 months and if he kept growing at that rate I probably wouldn't be able to hold him anymore!

He's walking all over the place. He's known how to walk half decently for quite a while but I guess he just found crawling much more quick, convenient, and less scary. He's my little speedy gonzales now :)

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Brigitte said...

What a cutie! Seriously, Jayson and I always talk about how adorable Joshua is. He is such a stud!

And also, I never said thank you for shoveling my driveway a couple of weeks ago so... Thank You!! You are such a sweet neighbor! And I read your post about doing that service and I KNEW you were talking about shoveling my driveway and I had to laugh. Even if it melted by the end of the day I actually did notice. I had piano lessons that day and looked outside to see if I needed to shovel before my students showed up and I was pleasantly suprised that *someone* had taken of that already. Thanks Rachel!

I'm glad you are back in town. Mack was asking the other day if he could go play with Joshua. I had to smile that he really thinks of Joshua as his friend, even if they are a couple years apart. We'll have to get the kids together sometime this week. Later!