Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I've mentioned that Joshua likes to try on shoes right? Well he isn't particular about what kind of shoe as you can see below. And I have a feeling that his second time at nursery must have taught him some lessons about dress up since he promptly came home from church, found this toy purse in his toy room (I didn't even know he knew that it existed), put on my high heels and started walking around the house. My oh my! I certainly have some good blackmail photos for the future if needed :)


Eliza said...

Oh yes, he is going to love these pictures when he's in High School. Ooooo, put an add in his year book with them. :)

Mer said...

I love it! I have pictures of Caden in full-on princess attire, so Joshua won't be the only one embarrassed in high school when we bust those out. I loved the pictures from the 4th, it's great to see some pictures of you--haven't seen you in forever!