Tuesday, August 04, 2009

He speaks!

At Joshua's 18 month appointment he only said a few words, one of which, if I'm remembering correctly, wasn't even mommy!{pout} A week or so later he started speaking additional words and his vocabulary has been growing daily. Here's his "word list" at 19 months:

"all gone"
"mama" (yep, he said dad first)
"ball" (I'm not too surprised about this one)
"helmet" (which sounds like "helm"--he is obsessed with his bike helmet)
"row row row" (as in "row row row your boat" his favorite nursery rhythm)
"ouch" (which he says constantly, even when something just touches him)
"uh oh"
"doe" (aka "don't" that he says as he points to something he isn't suppose to touch)
"hush" (which he learned from the little old lady in Goodnight Moon)
"rmoe" (remote)
"tray" (train)
"thx" (thanks)
"grandma" & "grandpa" (he loves to point at pictures of them while saying their name)
"mine" (he says this as he points to himself or a picture of himself)

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