Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mistery of the Exit 273 Slowdown

I just don't understand it. Traffic is flowing perfectly and then all of a sudden as you get near exit 273 everyone slows down to like 50 mph. From 70 to 50 just like that for no reason at all. There isn't any kind of intense hill and no, these people aren't even getting off at the exit. Is there some kind of hidden cop station there that I don't know about? Oh, and sorry for the tangent, but people that slow down below the speed limit when they see a cop car "drive" me crazy! (hehe, do you like my pun?) They deserve a ticket for going too slow. These drivers (ok, and a lot of other drivers) make me want to do what the lady in Fried Green Tomatoes did. I visualize myself doing this all the time. Hopefully I won't go a bit crazy one of these days and give into my desires!

Here's the clip since I don't know how to upload it here:

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