Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moving Etiquette

When someone asks you to help them move I understand this as helping them move not helping them organize their house and pack up all their belonging. That would be called helping them pack--am I right? And since the stuff "you" want me to move (but in actuality want me to pack) is not my own and I don't know how or where it should be packed don't you think you should do it beforehand...preferably before I get there to help you move your stuff that isn't actually ready to move and probably won't be ready to move until I stand around for at least a few more hours.

Can you tell the same scenario has happened to me more than once (including last week)? So don't get me wrong, I am perfectly happy to help you move. I am, really. But just don't ask me to help you move when you aren't actually ready to move but are still on the packing and sorting phase or else you will have one cranky helper.

I'm not the only one this bugs am I? Anyone else out there as impatient as me in this matter?


Eliza said...

I've never had that happen to me. Sorry Rach!

Linz said...

Happened more times than it hasn't -- pathetically enough!!! Several of us here had this conversation just a couple weeks ago -- I'm with you 100% on your entire post!!!

Rachel said...

Ha ha ha, Jesse and I couldn't agree more! When he was EQ Pres, (i.e. moving coordinator for the ward), this was his biggest pet peeve! It really is annoying when you come to help MOVE stuff, and nothing has been packed yet! Thanks for the funny post, Rach.