Wednesday, December 23, 2009


That's right, Joshua is going to be a big brother!
He/She is expected June 11, 2010. It's been a rough pregnancy but baby thankfully seems to be growing well and has a strong heart beat. We'll find out if it's a boy or girl in just a few more weeks!

So happy to be home for the holidays!

I was going to be put in the hospital yesterday through Christmas but my doctors decided they would try some "intensive therapy" yesterday and if I improved today I wouldn't have to go to the hospital. And guess what, I actually improved! I get to stay home for Christmas (knock on wood I don't go down hill again) and actually spend it with my family. And I'm not feeling so horrible. Talk about awesome.

By the way, I have the best gastroenterologists in the world. I have never had such caring doctors in my life. My doctor actually told me he couldn't sleep last night because he was so worried about me. Talk about caring about your patients. Anyway, I feel so lucky to have found them (I see two of them).

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Joshua the last few months

Joshua 20 months old

Joshua figured out how to put olives on his fingers

Climbing under the bar stools has become a new hobby.

He loves to ride his scooter

Joshua 21 months old

Joshua is obsessed with cars. It is rare to find him without cars in his hands.

Joshua was feeling really sick this day.

He loves to listen to Music and the Spoken Word on Sunday mornings.

Joshua with grandpa Bartlett and mom

Joshua 22 months old

Joshua likes to put things down his shirt.

He loves to sit with his feet crossed and his fingers intertwined.

He also loves to sit in the baby bouncer seat.

He sure is one messy boy!

Friday, December 04, 2009


Poor little Joshua had to get stitches Monday night. He did surprisingly well although I had a few moments of panic right after he hurt himself. You'd think I'd be all calm since I see much worse all the time at my work but when you are in mommy mode things are much more scary!

He was sedated when he got the stitches placed and had to be put on oxygen for a while when his oxygen saturation dropped.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A little late but here we go

I haven't exactly been blogging much lately so I'm a little behind. Here's a little catch up of some things we have done the last couple months.

First off, we had a family reunion at Palisade States Park. We did a lot of canoeing and biking.

We also went to the living planet aquarium. Here's James touching a sting ray for the first time in his life.

And here we are at the Hogle Zoo.

Battle Creek Falls hike.

Bridal Veil Falls hike.

Isn't it amazing that all these beautiful hikes are just minutes from my house! Utah really is beautiful.

Halloween Fun 2009

My family had tons of fun at the Great Pumpkin Carving Night. We bought some professional pumpkin patterns and knifes this year and made some pretty cool looking pumpkins. James' pumpkin says trick or treat if you can't tell.

Joshua had a lot of fun trick or treating for the first time. He hasn't really seen much candy in his day so he wasn't really sure what people were giving him at first. When he got to choose a candy he always chose ones that were balls (big surprise!) which is pretty sad for me because those don't usually taste very good. Oh, don't all sound surprised. Obviously I take him trick or treating so that I can eat up all his candy :)

If you can't tell, he is Yoda. Most people got that but someone did think he was shrek ???