Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prayer anyone?

Joshua went down for his nap 40 minutes late today. Why you ask? OK, maybe you didn't ask and maybe you don't care, but I'll tell you anyway. He kept praying. And praying and praying. And when he was done with one prayer (which consisted mainly of saying thanks and naming off anything he could see) he would give a loud amen, uncover his eyes (he can't quite figure out how to keep them closed yet), unfold his arms, then start all over again.

So sure, he was going down late for his nap, and sure, he would probably be a bit cranky when he woke up because of this, but it was just too cute to stop. Well, actually, I did end up stopping it eventually--that's how long it went on. He wasn't too happy, but seriously, something is only so cute for so long. Not to mention I was losing precious me time :) Ahhh, nap time.

And here are some recent photos of the little guy sleeping away. Note, he is really into disrobing lately. And he prefers to sleep all scrunched up in the corner.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mmmm, chocolate

I've really been craving sugar today, especially chocolate (surprised?). I even ate a coffee flavored chocolate because it was the last one left. I HATE the flavor of coffee. That is how desperate I was. Pregnancy sure can make you do things you never dreamed possible.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dog's first meal

Joshua asked me to put a bib on his dog today and the following occurred between Joshua and his dog...

Joshua holds up a spoon to his dog's mouth.
"Bite" (aka, "do you want a bite?")
He looks at his dog with a serious face and moves the spoon toward his mouth again.
"Open. Bite"
"No? OK."
He then puts the spoon back in his bowl of cereal but quickly picks it up again.
"Bite. Open. Bite"
"Yes? OK!"
The spoon touches dog's mouth. Joshua smiles happily and continues to eat some of his cereal himself.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

IT'S A...


**Ultrasound pictures to follow (as soon as I figure out how to scan them in). I decided it was about time I announced it, no pictures and all, since we've known for a few weeks.

Friday, January 08, 2010

I'm 2!

Some how my little boy is already 2 years old! He can blow out candles on his own and all!

Here's the Cars cake I made for him. He is absolutely and totally obsessed with cars, especially Cars cars. Oh, and let's just pretend the cars are on the road in radiator springs before lightning mcqueen fixed it :)

Here he is getting a little help blowing out his candle since he's a little distracted and shy with all his cousins around him.

This is the notorious ball that made present opening difficult. Joshua wanted to play with the ball his grandparents gave him instead of open presents and was throwing a fit. Typical 2 year old huh?!

And here's Joshua opening a present with the Cars characters in it. You should have heard all the excited giggles coming from him. So cute! He still giggles in anticipation every time I give him one of the cars to play with.

Some of Joshua's recent accomplishments include learning to count to ten, learning his colors including dark and light ones, learning his ABCs and their sounds and most importantly, finally giving up some of his desire for independence and becoming a mama's boy a little bit. I just love all those kisses, hugs and snuggles he's finally giving me! He still wipes his cheek off when I kiss him sometimes (who in the world taught him that!) but that's ok. I'll take it!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

We're not too old for this, you're too young

James and I, being the awesome nintendo players that we are, defeated mario bros wii (star coins and all) last week.

Now the question is, what do we do each evening after Joshua goes to bed?