Friday, January 08, 2010

I'm 2!

Some how my little boy is already 2 years old! He can blow out candles on his own and all!

Here's the Cars cake I made for him. He is absolutely and totally obsessed with cars, especially Cars cars. Oh, and let's just pretend the cars are on the road in radiator springs before lightning mcqueen fixed it :)

Here he is getting a little help blowing out his candle since he's a little distracted and shy with all his cousins around him.

This is the notorious ball that made present opening difficult. Joshua wanted to play with the ball his grandparents gave him instead of open presents and was throwing a fit. Typical 2 year old huh?!

And here's Joshua opening a present with the Cars characters in it. You should have heard all the excited giggles coming from him. So cute! He still giggles in anticipation every time I give him one of the cars to play with.

Some of Joshua's recent accomplishments include learning to count to ten, learning his colors including dark and light ones, learning his ABCs and their sounds and most importantly, finally giving up some of his desire for independence and becoming a mama's boy a little bit. I just love all those kisses, hugs and snuggles he's finally giving me! He still wipes his cheek off when I kiss him sometimes (who in the world taught him that!) but that's ok. I'll take it!


Karen K said...

For some reason, on my blog it said you hadn't updated yours for 2 months. I finally decided to click on it, and it looks like I've missed out on a lot! Hope you're feeling better!!! Happy birthday Joshua! We'll have to start up playgroup again now that school's back in session and life's a little bit back to normal.

Plowmanators said...

Happy Birthday to Joshua! You did a great job on the cake.

I think it is so funny about presents. We should really just give them one gift. I think the gifts are more for the parents than the kids :)

The Tuck Family said...

Rachel....hey I just wanted to say "Hi" and CONGRATULATIONS on the pregnancy!!! That is so exciting! Do you have any names picked out? You and my sister are due the very same day I funny is that?