Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prayer anyone?

Joshua went down for his nap 40 minutes late today. Why you ask? OK, maybe you didn't ask and maybe you don't care, but I'll tell you anyway. He kept praying. And praying and praying. And when he was done with one prayer (which consisted mainly of saying thanks and naming off anything he could see) he would give a loud amen, uncover his eyes (he can't quite figure out how to keep them closed yet), unfold his arms, then start all over again.

So sure, he was going down late for his nap, and sure, he would probably be a bit cranky when he woke up because of this, but it was just too cute to stop. Well, actually, I did end up stopping it eventually--that's how long it went on. He wasn't too happy, but seriously, something is only so cute for so long. Not to mention I was losing precious me time :) Ahhh, nap time.

And here are some recent photos of the little guy sleeping away. Note, he is really into disrobing lately. And he prefers to sleep all scrunched up in the corner.

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Plowmanators said...

How cute. He is taking his scripture reading to heart :) Pray always!