Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sleeping on the job

Joshua is well aware that nap time follows lunchtime. And like most kids, he would definitely rather play than sleep. So he decided to get really sneaky a couple weeks ago and began to say that he always wanted more food to eat regardless of how full he was. He even began a practice of fake nibbling at his food to prove he really was hungry.
Here he is at lunch today. He was so tired that he couldn't even keep his head up. But of course he kept saying he wanted more to eat. Eventually I had to tell him lunch was all done and he was not happy. He started crying that he wanted more to eat (which made me feel really guilty for possibly starving him), but then he yelled out that he didn't want to go to sleep (which made me not feel so guilty). Silly boy. How do kids get so smart?!


Ruth Rodrigues said...

When guests are over Marcus starts to eat "fast" without even swallowing the previous bite to try and show off his new talent. Kids are so silly and cute :)

JoLuba said...

That is so funny! Noah used to that too. I would asked him if he was done and he would say no because he didn't want to take his nap.