Monday, March 29, 2010

First Night In A Big Boy Bed!

A few weeks ago Joshua spent his first night in a big boy bed. He did amazingly well. We spent the few weeks beforehand getting him used to his new room and the idea of a big boy bed. We also notified him of the big boy bed rule: when we put him down to sleep he can't get out of his bed until Mom or Dad come get him.

We had him sleep in his new bed for the first time during his nap. He tested the waters a bit and got out of his bed several times before falling asleep. Honestly, I was impressed by this. I thought I was going to have to put him back into his bed many more times than I did. And the beautiful thing is that he hasn't tried to get out of his bed ever since. Even when his prized blanket fell out of his bed he called out to me asking me to give it back to him instead of getting out of bed to get it. I'm seriously so proud of him.

Admittedly, the change was harder for me than it was for Joshua. James wanted to change him to his new bed weeks before we finally did it. When he asked me why we couldn't do it yet, I didn't really have an answer. Probably because the answer was "BUT HE'S STILL JUST A BABY!" or something silly like that. But the change had to be made eventually since a new baby will be here in a couple months and needs Joshua's old crib. It sure is fun, but oh so hard, to see kids grow up!

Here are some snap shots of his first night in his new bed. I quickly discovered that the blanket and sheets I bought were a complete waste. He likes to tuck his stuffed animals into them but that is about it.


Amanda said...

what a good little guy! The switch to the big bed is such a big change! I'm glad he made it easier for you by cooperating.

Rachel said...

HA HA! He's so cute sleeping sideways. Such a baby thing! But like you said, he's not a baby anymore...:( Don't worry, you'll get your baby fix again soon!