Monday, March 08, 2010

Me. Pregnant.

My friend recently mentioned that there were no pregnant pictures of me to be found anywhere. I looked through the blog and my personal photos albums and noticed the same thing. Am I really even pregnant?! Well, I hope so. Otherwise my figure has really gone out the window lately!

Here I am 4 months pregnant. You can kind of see a little pregnancy bump (move it table!) but there isn't much. That probably has something to do with me having lost 15-20 lbs at this time from my Crohns Disease.

Here I am 6 months pregnant. I had James take this yesterday when I realized that the last pregnancy photo I had was the one above. Oops!

This is one of the few photos I found to compare from my last pregnancy. I'm 20 weeks pregnant (about 4.5 months). I'm in Yellowstone if you're wondering about the nice scenery :)


Plowmanators said...

Fun! You make a cute pregnant lady. Now you need one standing will be good for future scrapbooking purposes-- ;)

Rachel said...

Girl, you make one sexy pregnant lady!