Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Snow Cave

I spent literally hours shoveling the snow from our huge driveway into a pile so that I could make a snow cave for Joshua. Quite a challenge for someone 6 months pregnant!

And then I worked tirelessly through Joshua's nap (hello, I could have been sleeping too!) to make a snow cave out of the pile of snow I made. And what happens next? The sun comes out and melts half of it within 2 hours. And then when I show Joshua the awesome cave he is too scared to go inside of it! WHAT!! Not cool!

Despite all my efforts being a total and complete waste (especially because the 8 inches on the driveway had mostly melted off of other people's driveway by the end of the day), they did remind me of some of the fond memories I had of making snow caves when I was young. I remember being so excited about them that I found myself fantasizing about making and living in them throughout the winter. I'm much too practical now-a-days to dream of such things. I mean, do you know how cold that would be :)


James Rowell said...

It's actually still there even though all other snow has melted. It's just that you'd have to be 4 inches tall to fit in it.

krista said...

I am totally impressed that you made that being 6 months pregnant! I think that it looks fun! Joshua will probably love snow caves next year when he is older (and you'll have your new little baby!)

Rachel said...

I remember snow caves and tunnels from when my brothers built them. I swear, we got 10X more snow in those days!

Rachel said...

I totally remember it snowing tons more when I was a kid too! But it probably didn't...I was just small and super excited about the snow.