Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter Fun

This is what we woke up to on Easter morning. Luckily, the community Easter egg hunts were the day before. Of course it felt like it was this cold outside even though there wasn't any snow. What happened to spring?!

We went to two Easter egg hunts since they were right by our house and an hour apart. Both were over in 1-2 minutes. Joshua probably would have gotten no eggs except that he was on the far corner where no other kids were. The first hunt he had a hard time getting the eggs into his basket. He missed about 5 times with his first egg.

The second Easter hunt he only wanted one egg and the candy inside of it. Apparently we shouldn't have shown him there was candy in the eggs the previous hunt. He just kept asking to have his one egg opened so he could have the candy. When James encouraged him to put the egg in the basket and get some more, he went over to a nearby stranger and started asking her to open the egg for him! Silly boy. I guess if he was happy with just one egg then that's the important thing.

They also had a fire truck at the Easter egg hunt that Joshua (along with hundreds of other kids) had tons of fun playing on/around.

There was of course an Easter bunny to take photos with. Well, more of a chipmunk with bunny ears, but Joshua and the others kids didn't seem to mind.

At the first Easter hunt no one picked up the 0-3 year old prize for the golden eggs so someone gave it to Joshua. It pays to leave somewhere slowly sometimes.

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