Friday, May 21, 2010


Joshua decided he wanted to dress himself this day in what he called "church clothes". He got the tie right at least. I'm not sure why he looks so distressed right here. Seeing as how he is 2, it could be due to almost anything.

It snowed several times during the end of April (and some in May). It would literally be 70 degrees one day then 25 the next! That's Utah weather for you.

Here's Joshua in his new sleep sack--which he has had to wear lately since it is so cold! He calls it his dinosaur blanket and loves to wear it.
 He is obsessed with numbers, letters and counting right now. He spends much of his day finding things to count and letters to sound out. His favorite books right now are his number books, letter books (above) and books about babies.

Joshua's favorite pajamas have, surprise, firetrucks on them. Unfortunately they are way too small for him. I bought him some new truck ones which has helped him get over not being able to wear these ones anymore.

Here's Joshua at the Hogle Zoo. He loved climbing on the lions.

He especially liked the baby lion. He is into anything baby right now. Hopefully this will stick around for a few more weeks...or months!

Joshua LOVES to go on bike rides with his dad.


Rachel said...

I wonder if Joshua likes anything baby because he knows he's getting a baby brother soon! I like your cute belly, Rach. :) I'm excited to hear when the sweet baby is born! Is that a changing table I see Joshua on? He still fits on one?!

Rachel Stella said...

We still use a changing pad for joshua. It makes things so much easier to have him up high instead of on the floor, and then I don't have to worry about getting poop all over the place!

Linz said...

Awesome post by the way. I often don't remember to look at family blogs - lots of great picts!
Love ya!!! -James B.