Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Frozen Meals Galore!

I now have 53 frozen meals in my freezer. That's right--53 meals! Baby is now given permission to enter this world!

While I have frozen a meal here and there in the past, I have never done some huge freezing meal process. So I looked up some information on it first to help me out. Here's a post from my cooking blog with some info on freezing meals if anyone is interested in trying this out. It was a lot of work to make all the meals (especially when you are 8 months pregnant), but I'm sure I'll be VERY grateful once baby comes and I have weeks of prepared meals that I just have to pop into the crock pot or oven.


Ruth Rodrigues said...


Rachel said...

I did that before I had Brian, but there were only about 10 meals, but they had a bunch of servings each, so they lasted us for a couple months!! Enjoy!

James Rowell said...

I have a feeling these meals are going to last us a really long time.