Friday, May 14, 2010

Two And Still REAR-Facing

Like most parents out there, I planned on turning my son around when we switched car seats at 1 year. Being the researcher I am, I researched convertible car seats like crazy. In the process I found out tons of stuff about why it is recommended (not law, but recommended) to keep your child rear-facing way past his first birthday. I had no idea, and from all the comments I've gotten from people over the last year or so ("Um, does Joshua not weight 20 lbs yet", "Is your car seat broken", etc. etc. etc.), I'm pretty sure most people don't know either. Why is it that I have never heard a pediatrician talk about this???

He has plenty of room back there too, and he's over 3 feet tall (it helps that I bought a car seat (first years true fit)that is especially good for rear facing d/t the seat depth). Does he complain you ask? He's never known anything different. And he can see just fine. I know because he spends much of his time in the car reading off letters on things as they go by.

Still think I'm crazy? :) Here are a couple sites with info on rear-facing:


Amanda said...

We had just switched Caleb to be forward facing when we went in for his one-year check-up and our pediatrician told us to keep him rear facing for another year. Apparently research is convincing people and pediatricians are supposed to be suggesting that now. I wonder if they'll change the law?
That's good of you to keep Joshua rear facing. I kept Caleb forward because it's easier.

Rachel said...

Good for you Rachel! You're one of the best mommies I know! :) What kind of car seat is that? How expensive, may I ask? Recommendations for the 2nd car seat for when baby is over a year old?

Rachel Stella said...

Rachel, the car seat is a first years true fit. If you click on the link on the blog you can see how much it is etc. It is more expensive than many, but at the same time with most convertible car seats (but not this one) you have to buy another before a child is old enough for a booster because they outgrow it by weight/height. Well, some may be legally ok for a booster when they outgrow most convertible car seats but it isn't really that safe for them to be in one yet (says my reserach:). So you end up saving money that way. This one also rear faces for longer than most and like I mentioned above, it is way more comfortable.

I think this is one of the best ones out there. I even have a way more expensive britax one and the true fit, in my opinion, is even better than that, especially for rear facing. The one advantage of the britax is that it is lighter and has a smaller profile which is good if you travel by airplane a lot (which is why I bought it).