Monday, June 28, 2010

Jacob At 2 Weeks

Little Jacob is 2 weeks old. He is super calm and sweet. He rarely cries, even when he is hungry or has his clothes and diaper changed. Here are his two week stats. He was 8 lb 5 oz and 20 inches at birth.

Weight: 9 lb 9 oz (that's right, he already gained 20 oz in 2 weeks!)
Length: 22 inches (90 %tile)
Head Circumference: 14.8 inches (61%tile)


Rachel said...

I love that sleeping picture of him! So sweet.

JoLuba said...

Oh Rachel, Jacob is so adorable! I'm glad he doesn't cry much unlike other kids (Noah & Joshua)... haha. You are so blessed! Thanks so much for helping us with Emma. She is back to being a happy baby again! yea for me. We got Emma's car seat yesterday (same one you have), I feel so much better about her safety. I'm still thinking about Noah though, he should use the same car seat as Emma. Joe said that maybe in a few months we would buy a new car seat for him, at least that's something right?
Take care my dear cunada
Lots of loves from us

Rachel Stella said...

I hope you love the new car seat! It is awesome! Make sure that if you buy another one for noah that it will fit with your current one since they are pretty big sized.

I'm so glad emma is feeling better. She's had a couple bad sicknesses lately. Poor thing.