Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Jane (3 months late)

My brother Sam recently had a baby. Well, his wife did at least:) This is baby number 2 this year in my maiden family (I'm not sure how I say that). Baby number one my sister in law decided to keep quiet about until she was like 7 months pregnant! She was able to do that since she lives in Florida. Anywho, here is baby Jane and baby Jacob.
And here's Baby Jane with his mom and dad. Joshua decided to jump in the photo. He is wearing his Lightning McQueen hat of course. Always something Cars...

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Rachel said...

Wow. Sam has a baby! Congrats to him.

And that's also quite sneaky they kept it a secret for 7 months! Sheesh! It was hard enough for me to keep my baby a secret for 3 months! (Plus, with how I got so HUGE, I couldn't last much longer!) ;)