Saturday, September 04, 2010

101 Reasons...

I've been sitting at home feeling a little bad for myself.

I have a bad yeast infection that I've been dealing with for the last three weeks after Jacob got thrush and passed it on to me. We've been working on treating it but it hasn't been working. I had to throw away all my storage of pumped milk (never fun to do) because I wasn't sure how long the infection had been going on and I didn't want to have yeast in my stored milk.

So now I'm at home with the kiddos while James is on our date night by himself (at a college football game) because there no longer are bottles of pumped milk for a grandma/pa to give Jacob and I didn't want to take him to such a crowded place. I generally like breastfeeding and I'm glad I'm doing it, but I will admit that sometimes (like right now when I am in horrible pain from the infection that won't go away) it is hard and feels like a sacrifice.

As I was looking online for the instructions to use gentian violet I came upon this page of 101 Reasons to Breastfeed. Number 17 especially popped out to me since I was recently diagnosed with this disease and it runs in families.

Breastfeeding may not always be easy, but I'm pretty sure I will never regret doing it.


Rachel said...

Rachel, I'm sorry you've been sick! And that's too bad you had to miss out on a fun date you had already been planning on. You sure are a trooper! Thanks for the list of 101 reasons to breastfeed. Brian and I had a bit of a rocky start with BF and it's been up and down all year, but whenever I read lists like this, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I'm so glad we are able to breastfeed! Hang in there. Call me if you want to vent! Love ya.

Karen K said...

Oh, YUCK!!! I am so sorry. Hope it goes away soon!